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Arms Cache Discovery

By Martin Myall

Workers from FCC, the municipal cleaning company, found baggage containing firearms buried on San Cristóbal Beach. »

Mocking The Less Fortunate

By Hugh MacArthur

A sketch within the online TV programme, La Resistencia on Movistar+, poked fun, mercilessly, at a poor area of Motril, Huerta Carrasco. »

Camera Idiocy

By Hugh MacArthur

The reckless use of phone-cameras for later use on the social media had led to many 'wannbe' stars getting arrested. Here is one such case, although it was somebody else's footage that busted him. »

Helping Adriana Home

By Vivienne Hughes

Locals in Castell de Ferro are active on social media, trying to help a Romanian man repatriate the body of his wife, Adriana. »

La Herradura’s Independence Row

By Hugh MacArthur

The PSOE opposition party in La Herradura accuses the First Councillor, Juan José Ruíz Joya, over his words on independence. The PSOE Spokesperson, Pablo Ruiz said, “it is surprising that Sr. Ruiz Joya has ‘consulted’ the Junta on the 21st of November despite having never convoked the municipal commission charged with negotiating/administrating a possible... »

Falling Dogs Video

By Martin Myall

Viewers watching the midday news yesterday were confronted with a video of stag fighting off a pack of hounds. »

Fleet and Foolish

By Hugh MacArthur

The Guardia Civil arrested a driver for speeding, reaching speeds of 230 KPH, however, they didn't actually catch him doing it; he had posted his achievement online. »

Child Images & Social Media

By Maria Teresa Velasco

Use common sense when posting pictures of your children: If you are a parent and your child asks that you to remove their picture from Facebook, do not resist: it is their legal right. »

Hate on the Net

By Martin Myall

Social media is nature's way of letting the idiotic and despicable immolate themselves in public. Read on. »

What is Social Media? Pt. 1

By Luca Vicini

If you have not been living under a rock for the last 8 years, you will have probably heard about social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Badoo or the almost defunct MySpace. In the last few years social media has changed subtly the way people use the Internet and in particular the way... »

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