Dancing on a Car Roof

The Traffic Police in Albacete are investigating footage of a young man dancing on his car roof whilst the car was in motion within a tunnel.

SPN Dancing on a Car Roof 01The incident took place around 12.00h on the 20th of December last year within the municipality of Hellín, specifically, inside a road tunnel near the Pantano del Cenajo.

Another driver (a friend) recorded him dancing on the roof as his car rolled forward and then passed his footage to the ‘roof dancer.’ He then thought it a great idea to post in on social media – a stupid thing to do, but something stupid people often do.

Before long, somebody had reported the existence of the video to the police, who armed with the visible evidence soon tracked him down.

The Guardia Civil praised this instance of citizen cooperation and urged members of the public to contact them should they witness a crime or a reckless act that puts other people’s lives in danger, via their webpage: https://www.guardiacivil.es

(News: Hellin, Albacete, Castilla-La Mancha)

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