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Lamb Busted

We’re in Munich, Germany for this strange tale, where police raided a brothel after a drugs tip off and found several types of narcotics during their search, and a lamb. Yes, a lamb!

33, 70 & 91

Strange headline, admittedly, but these three figures are the most startling things about this article: a 70-year-old man stabs a 33-year-old prostitute 91 times – you can rule out an accident.

Trousers-Around-Ankles Trick

A prostitute has been arrested for robbing a client, taking advantage of the fact he was in the middle of an orgasm – is nothing sacred?
The 43-year-old sex worker on her knees in front of the man – no imagination needed to work out what was happening – when, taking advantage of the the fact that the man was distracted by his own ejaculation, she pushed him over backwards, and as his trousers were around his ankles, he fell flat on his back.