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Fined and Furious

By Martin Myall

The Guardia Civil have arrested a female driver who had grabbed hold of a policeman who had just fined her and dragged him 25 metres along the road. »

Killed by Asian Wasps

By Hugh MacArthur

54-year-old man in the North East of Spain was killed by a swarm of wasps of the kind known as Asian Killer Wasps (Vespa Vetulina), which is is slightly smaller than the European hornet. »

Dog Attack Ends in Amputations

By Vivienne Hughes

(COE04) An elderly woman has undergone the amputation of both legs after a brutal attack by her neighbour's dogs. »

Pie Man on the Roof

By Martin Myall

An unusual drink-drive incident took place in Salceda de Caselas (Galicia) when the police had cause stop a car with a man lying on the roof. »

Facing Life Imprisonment

By Martin Myall

A man has been arrested for the alleged murder of his own daughters, aged nine and four, during the weekend custody of his children. »

Forgiving Wife?

By Martin Myall

The law courts in Pontevedra, Galicia was the scene of a battered wife defending her husband who had stabbed her. »

Three Fateful Collisions

By Martin Myall

The first; undoubtedly the most heartbreaking, took place in Alicante and resulted in the death of a 20-month old child, after being reversed over by a speedboat, with her father at the helm. »

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