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Cheeky Charging

The Policía Local of Poio in Galicia have issued a fine against a man from Granada who had been caught charging his electric car from a lamppost.

Spanish Trawler Sinks

The Spanish trawler, Villa de Pitanxo, sunk during last night, 250 nautical miles off Newfoundland in a fishing ground belonging to the North Atlantic Fishing Organisation.

Unbridled Optimist

A Guardia Civil in Galicia came across a family car towing a large boat, far greater in size than the towing vehicle, on the AP-9 motorway; they were impressed.

Fined and Furious

The Guardia Civil have arrested a female driver who had grabbed hold of a policeman who had just fined her and dragged him 25 metres along the road.

Killed by Asian Wasps

54-year-old man in the North East of Spain was killed by a swarm of wasps of the kind known as Asian Killer Wasps (Vespa Vetulina), which is is slightly smaller than the European hornet.