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Vikings to The Rescue

ALM Hotels OnL

(GIL) According to tourism forecasts, this winter on the Costa Tropical is going to be a bumper one, thanks to the growing influx of Nordic visitors.

New York Times vs Reality

The photo coverage offered by the US daily, the New York Times, had most Spaniards reacting with indignation. There were photographs of people sifting through rubbish hoppers etc, and only Mad Max and a herd of zombies was missing to give the impression that Spain was oozing misery.

Hotel Gloom Over Imserso

Hotels on the Costa Tropical face having to close down for the off season as fears grow over the a possible loss of state-subsidized holidays for pensioners.

Common Sense Prevails

It was a system that worked well; pensioners would open the school gates in the morning – it gave them something to do and added a little to a meagre pension. Everybody was happy, as the arrangement had been in place for decades… but then an opposition party denounced that one of the janitors was the father of one of the ruling party.

The Reoccurring Six

Six people were arrested for allegedly embezzling 9,700 euros from an elderly man, even going so far as to threaten his life. The six men, all from different villages around the Alpujarra, are aged between 21 and 40.

The Imserso Cushion

Many hotels on the Costa Tropical manage to keep going through the winter thanks to Imserso, which is a state-subsidized, pensioners’ holiday scheme. However, this winter, like the swallows, they’re staying elsewhere.