Ending The Year on a Good Note

SPN El Gordo WinnerThe Covid-19 vaccination has not only reached the province of Granada but also that 6,000 people will already have received the jab by the week’s end.

Andalucía has received 70,000 dosis, which have been shared equally between the eastern provinces and the western ones.

The first batch, which was much smaller than originally intended, was administered to 230 people; the residents of the Beato Fray Leopoldo and La Milagrosa homes for the elderly, as well as the patients of  Hospital San Cecilio (who are all elderly patients).

The Provincial Delegate for the Junta, Pablo García, explained that the 6,000 dosis will be distributed based on elderly population of each municipality. According to the Junta, there are 8,500 elderly people in the province between the OAPs, those living at home with home help and users of day centres.

Sr. García also explained that health workers at hospitals and medical centres would be getting their vaccinations around the end of March. After that it will be the turn of the police and patients suffering from multiple pathologies.

In fact, Pablo García calculates that by the end of March 15% of Andalusian population will have received their first jab, with the percentage rising to 50% by summer’s end.

(News: Granada, Andalucia)

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