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Furtive Fiesta Fined

ECO Rave Party in Cortijo

The owner of a cortijo behind Calahonda is facing a stinging fine after hosting a party with over a hundred participants in the early hours of Sunday.

New Grey Hoppers

ALM New Rubbish Hoppers OnL

Almuñécar has installed a new, rubbish-hopper system in some areas of the municipality, explained the Councillor for the Environment, Luis Aragón.

Making Provisions

ALM Irrigation Water Suplus

The Presa de Rules might be on hold but farmers in El Valle de Río Verde got cracking and knocked up a reservoir big enough to drown a whale in.

Speed Limit Changes

SPN New 90 Speed Limit

Beware because as of Monday (28th) the new speed limits on national (N-340 for example) roads came into effect meaning that the top speed is 90 KPH.