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Loja Invades China

After invading South Africa, Iran and Israel, Loja is now setting its sights on China, which is accepting the importation of 72 thousand litres of olive oil.

The Termites of Doom

Termites are on the verge of bringing many buildings in the old town down about inhabitants of Íllora’ ears. For the past fifteen years the voracious critters have succeeded in creating huge colonies up to two metres below ground.

Easing The Burden

In a move similar to recent activity in Loja, Baza’s Socialist government has announced that it will not raise local taxes in 2011, and will actually lower property tax. Economy Minister, Ramón Pozo, said he was aware of the problems people were having in the crisis and this was a way to help them.

Digital Age Schools

Kids from the IES Alfaguara high school will be using digital textbooks this 2010-2011 school year, thanks to an experimental pilot project. The Education Board for the Junta de Andalucía has chosen ten schools with the province, which we use 938 pupils in total as digital guinea pigs. As well as this Loja school, the…

Con Otros Ojos 2010

Everyday Scenes of Life in Town and Country in the Poniente Granadino, 30th Sept – 16th Oct 2010 Building on the fabulous success of last year’s exhibition, which was attended by hundreds of Spaniards and many other nationalities alike, this September sees the second edition of the Con Otros Ojos exhibition, organised in conjunction with…