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Parent Power

What do you do when the authorities won’t or can’t repair your kiddy’s school? You do it yourself, which is what is happening in Loja in the Poniente de Granada.

Gypsy Clan Clash

A squabble between two gypsy families in Loja, in the Poniente de Granada was settled by the Council of the Elders – a rarely used dispute measure.

The Rubbish Wars

Even as Granada groaned under the weight of 4,000 tonnes of accumulated rubbish, two other Andalusian cities were going through the same calvary: Loja and Sevilla.

Banks Take A Fifth

The Town Hall of Loja has to pay the equivalent of 8,000 euros a day to the banks to cover its loans, which represents 20% of its earnings.

Blasting Boob

People were astounded to hear that workers on the high-speed-train line outside Loja managed to seriously weaken a standard railway bridge during blasting operations.

The Pleasant Hells

Close to the town of Loja, which is the capital of the Poniente de Granada, or western Granada, Río Genil runs through a 20m-deep canyon, after flowing over a waterfall called, Cola de Caballo (Horse Tail).

Fire Station Flounders

Work on the new area (comarcal) fire station in Loja has ground to a halt after the construction company went bust, and it is not the first time that Loja has seen a virtually completed project wallow, dead in the water.