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Youngsters Injured In Collision

Three of the four people who were injured in a multiple collision on the N-340 on Sunday 21st March have been released from hospital after suffering only minor injuries, a fourth however is now in the Intensive Care Unit of the University hospital in Malaga, after being transferred there by helicopter.

Hubara Vets

I popped into to see Susi at her veterinary clinic in Salobreña, which is not far away from the Tourism Information Office. Susi Mesa, who is originally from Las Islas Canarias, met her husband, Javier when they were both studying to be veterinary surgeons in Córdoba. As he is from Salobreña, they decided to set up shop there.

Hospital Pay-Out

Motril Hospital has got itself into the news in a rather unhealthy manner and has now to make a payment of 10,870 euros to a patient known as E.M.M.