Italians Injured on A-92

Three Italians were injured after a lateral collision between a lorry and a bus on the A-92 in the municipality of Salar (near Lojar) on the 6th.

All branches of the emergency services were called to the scene owing to the size of the two vehicles and the amount of passengers involved.

It appears that the lorry had a blow-out during an overtaking manoeuvre, causing it to jackknife, which in turn caused the bus to overturn after crashing over into the oncoming lanes.. fortunately, no other vehicles were involved.

Of the three injured passengers, one was evacuated by helicopter, owing to the seriousness of his injuries, whilst the other two were transferred to the same hospital (Trauma) by ambulance.

The accident necessitated the temporary closure of the A-92, causing extensive tailbacks.

Update: two of the injured persons are a married couple in their early fifties. The woman is in the ICU after undergoing an emergency operation whilst the husband, whose injuries were not life threatening, is under observation

(News: Salar, Poniente de Granada, Andalucia)

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