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A-7 Creeps Forward

Just after we announce that the A-7 wasn’t going anywhere fast, the Government announced that it had finally awarded a construction contract for the termination of the Gorgoracha-Puntalón section of the A-7, Autovía del Mediterraneo.

A7 Gorgoracha-Puntalon Go Ahead

The much-needed stretch of autovia between Gorgoracha and Puntalón was 75% complete when all work ground to a halt; the construction company Isolux Corsan had struck an unexpected strata of rock that would require a lot of extra funding to reroute the construction work.

More Autovia News

A total of 30 construction companies are bidding for a juicy 45.7m-euro contract to build the Gorgoracha-Puntalón stretch of the A-7 Mediterranean autovia, which is not surprising, given the fact that major public works around the country have been cut drastically.

Independent Republic of Motril

Did you know that Motril declared itself an independent republic in the1870’s? It probably had a population at the time of three people and two thirds of a goat, but there you go.