Torrenueva Bottleneck Eliminated

Torrenueva pedestrian bridge  OnLIf the Minister for Public Works (Fomento) is to be believed, within 20 days, drivers can bypass Torrenueva on the A-7.

Traffic will be able to leave the N-340 at the new fly over, just past the entrance for the Vadillo Trading Estate and drive along the A-7 as far as Calahonda. Glory be!

However, this six kilometres of autovía is a mere parenthesis along the existing N-340 because drivers coming down from Granada will still have to drive down to the N-340 junction and then along the old main road. In other words, the missing Gorgoracha-Puntalón that would make the trip unnecessary when heading for Almería won’t be open until late next year.

And for those coming from Málaga and heading for Almería, they still have to come down off the A-7 at Taramay, then get back on to it at Puntalón as far as Calahonda, before coming down again there and retaking the N-340 as far as Castell de Ferro. In fact, it is not until just prior to the border with the province of Almería that you can forget about the N-340.

But let’s get back to the positive side; i.e., come this summer the torture of the Torrenueva tailbacks will be history! Admittedly, you have to travel a total of five kilometres of link road between the autovía and N-340 to enjoy the six kilometres of autovía

The new section will be finished for the 28th of February, the Andalucía Day. However, it won’t be inaugurated until the Minister of Fomento has a slot in her diary to be able to cut the ribbon – the photo is obviously more important than getting it open as soon as possible, after all.

Basically, although it must be confirmed, the possible inauguration date is the 15th of March, 15 days later than promised, but after waiting so long and through so many broken pledges, what’s 15 days?

Whilst the Minister kept her promise for this section, the pledge that it would be opened simultaneously with the Gorgoracha-Puntalón section failed miserably to materialize. Two months after the pledge was originally made, the Minister admitted that it would be delayed a further 36 months, giving an inauguration date of October 2015.

Finally, you would think that the First Councillor for Torrenueva, Manuel Carrascosa, would be jubilant that the summer traffic will not be trudging through the town, but he’s not convinced that this will be so.

He seriously doubts that heavy traffic (lorries) are going to bother to take 5-kms of link road to reach 6-kms of autovía, when they can save 2.5-kms by sticking to the N-340 and putting up with the Torrenueva traffic lights. No, he thinks it’s all a botch job and just an excuse for a photo for electoral purposes.

He might be right, but you can’t help but think that you just can’t please some people…

(News: Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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  1. bushmanB25
    February 24, 2014 at 10:56 am

    Every little helps, but is there any ‘real’ news on the Taramay section.

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