A-7 Creeps Forward

Just after we announce that the A-7 wasn’t going anywhere fast, the Government announced that it had finally awarded a construction contract for the completion of the Gorgoracha-Puntalón section of the A-7, Autovía del Mediterraneo.

The only activity that has taken place on this particular stretch in the last two years has been the growth of weeds on the dormant cuttings, but according to Santiago Pérez, who is the Provincial Sub-Delegate, the contract, worth 46m euros has gone to Corsán-Corviam.

The Ministerio de Fomento (Public Works) announced that they had earmarked 24,8m euros from the annual budget and that work would commence… soon. Now, this section, which also includes a connection for the port, has an execution period of 18 months, meaning that it won’t be ready until the very end of 2013 or the beginning of 2014… if works begin ‘soon.’

There is still no news on when the Lobres-Taramay section will be completed, eliminating the tail-backs between Salobreña and Almuñécar on the N-340

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