A-7 Deliberately Delayed?

Gorgoracha-Puntalon A-7According to the PSOE opposition party, the A-7 section above Motril could have been finished months ago but the Government has been sitting on it.

Socialist Senator, who sits on the Public Works Commission, says that the Rajoy Government is deliberately stalling so that the inauguration will occur just one month before the Local Elections and thus favour the Mayor of Motril.

He says that this has been confirmed by “sources amongst the work engineers on the project,” who say that heavy machinery is started up, allowed to tick over and then turned off on an occasional basis, and that little else actually takes place.

The Minister of Public works, Ana Pastor, to our knowledge, has not denied this when she visited the site for the third time this year on the 27th of October.

Gorgoracha-Puntalon A-7Party before General Public?
Dave Darby wrote an article concerning the pledge made by the Prime Minister, Mariano Rajoy, to be present at the inauguration of the Gorgoracha-Puntalón section of the A-7 in April 2015. Sr. Rajoy said, “we understand the importance of this route for Eastern Andalusia.”

So, what are the facts behind this section of the A-7? This 6-kilometre long section has cost 105m euros and has been in the building a staggering nine years.

It will finally connect Motril to the A-7, reaching it via the Puntalón area of the town, meaning that it is actually worth getting on the A-7 at La Herradura or Almuñécar if you want to go to Motril.

For residence of Motril it means that you can reach Málaga Airport without leaving the motorway (better said, dual-carriage way).

So, the question is, could the section have been completed earlier that the promised “April 2015”? Well, we went up there to take a look at it and although the road area is just about tarmacked along the six kilometres, the two bridges are both missing one side; i.e. a double lane.

Will it really take six months to finish them? It does appear to be a lot of time, seeing just how complete the structure is.

And then there is the question of whether the work over several month has been put on the back burner to slow it down; i.e., the accusations made that little or no work has been carried out lately. But would the Government risk doing this because a delay could crop up and the section would miss its promised completion date and back-fire in their faces during the Local Elections?

(News: Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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