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FPFU autovia OnLAnother section of the A-7 where it passes through our province was finished and inaugurated on the 23rd.

This time it was the section between Polopos and Albuñol; 15 kilometres of tarmacked glory… and it was a bugger!

Yes, it took nine years, 345 million euros to build its 39 drainage structures, 17 retaining walls, tunnels and bridges and, one of which stands over 100 metres above the old N-340 below it.

In fact, experts have concluded that this section of A-7 autovia was the most complex section in the whole of Spain. For instance the original blueprint had the autovia envisaged 50-metre high cuttings, which ended up reaching 115 metres because of hillside instability.

Even the Minister of Public Works (Fomento) commented that for the same amount of money that it took to build this section, you could have built a hospital from scratch and kitted it out. Of that 345m euros, 100m went on the compulsory purchase of land.

So what’s left? Well, according to the Minister, Ana Pastor, if there are no more unforeseen delays, the whole autovia should be in service by September next year.

Before then we will see six kilometres of autovia between Gorgoracha and Puntalón (already 93% complete) come into use in the first six month of next year. It is the last 10.5 km between Carchuna and Castell that should be complete by September 2015.

And about time, Ladies and Gentlemen because the dear old N-340 is still handling 7,000 vehicles a day on average, waiting for the A-7 to finally relieve it.

(News: Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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