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Suitcase Passenger

A Moroccan Man and a Spanish woman were arrested after hiding a 13-year-old girl in a suitcase of 70cm x 50cm, amongst their car luggage. The couple were had arrived in Spain via the Melilla-Málaga ferry.

.22 D.I.Y. Rifle

The Guardia Civil at the Puerto de Motril arrested a man for being in possession of an illegal weapon. It was during a routine embarking search of vehicles waiting to board the Volcán de Tejada ferry that the police found the homemade firearm inside a luxury car with a French number plate.

New Motril Ferry Destination

Motril port will soon be running a direct ferry line to Morocco, as well as to the Spanish, North African enclave city of Melilla. The shipping line, Naviera Armas has announced that it will be connecting Motril to Alhucemas, which is a Moroccan city of some 180,000 souls. This daily connection will not only give…

Dicey Icebox

Last weekend, the Motril Port had a bit of a scare over a suspicious beach-style icebox, which was found the ferry terminal – the Guardia Civil bomb squad (TEDAX) was called in.