Ferry vs. Seawall

SPN Ferry hits Seawall OnLA ferry ploughed into the seawall at Nelson Mandela dock in Puerto de la Luz in Las Palmas, Canary Islands on the afternoon of Friday the 21st April.

Nobody was hurt on the Naviera Armas ferry although the prow of the ship and the seawall were quite badly damaged.

There was more concern over the oil spill in the dock, but this proved to be a baseless worry as just about all of it had dispersed between 15 and 20 hours later.

This oil spill, by the way, didn’t come from the ferry but from the damaged dock with around 60,000 litres pouring out into the water from five damaged lines.

The majority of the 140 passengers on board the Volcán de Tamasite have returned to Tenerife, which was where the ferry had set out from, but in the meantime the ferry company has begun an investigation into what caused the power failure with the resulting collision.

The ferry has been sent to the shipbuilder’s yard for repairs – fortunately, although the prow looks as if a dinosaur with a compulsory eating disorder has feasted on it, the damage is superficial rather than structural.

It was just bad luck that the systems failure took place as it was coming into port because had it happened out at sea then the ship would have been back under control in a few hundred metres, but sadly the ship was pointing at the seawall when the bridge lost control of the ship.

(News: Las Palmas, Canary Islands)

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