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Intrepid Traveller

A ferry working the Spain-North Africa links came across an illegal immigrant in the middle of this very busy shipping lane… on a surfboard.

Ferry vs. Seawall

A ferry ploughed into a seawall of the Nelson Mandela dock in the Puerto de la Luz in the Las Palmas of the Canary Islands on the afternoon of Friday the 21st.

Fast Ferry to Melilla

MOT Ferry Captain OnL

The Balearia Shipping line now runs a fast ferry between Motril and Melilla, crossing in just three hours – that’s two hours less than it takes to drive to Madrid.

Naughty 0 – Port 1

MOT Tinamar Ferry OnL

The Guardia Civil in charge of Motril Port Customs arrested a man trying to transport a stolen car to North Africa; an increasingly frequent kind of incident there.