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Doubly Unlucky

A resident of Salobreña obviously owed money to Seguridad Social, who ended up embargoing his scooter, but that was just the beginning of his problems.

A Day Out

We are blessed with what surrounds us in the term of countryside; we can stroll along subtropical beach or if we prefer, walk through mountains and lush-green plateaux. With a short drive we can take our dogs for a walk amongst pines forests, rimmed with frost on the north face of hills and yet sit and enjoy the sunny terrace of a bar on a paseo – we are spoilt.

Police Nab Cortijo Raiders

The Guardia Civil have arrested three young men in connection with a spate of 13 burglaries at cortijos in the Salobreña area. The three men are from Salobreña, Molvízar and Ízbor.

Forced to Demolish Own Home

A man from Albolote, Granada decided that it was better to demolish than to go to prison. Francisco Rodríguez has spent all his savings on having a modest cortijo and a vegetable plot, but it wasn’t to be.

Thank God For Neighbours

A resident in the Matagallares area of Salobreña was suspicious of a young couple that were taking ‘too much interest’ in his neighbour’s cortijo, so he phone him. Alerted, the owner phoned the Guardia Civil at 23.30h to say that he was on his way out to his cortijo and that it would be jolly nice if they pop round, too.