Vice Mayor Strikes Back

Saturday, November 26, 2016
By Martin Myall

mot-sanchez-catalejos-onlThe Vice-Mayor of Motril, Francisco Sánchez-Cantalejo, is mightily miffed with the PP opposition party over the cortijo rubbish tax.

Firstly he points out that the PP’s claim that the socialist-led council has raised all the taxes is a complete lie. In fact, Sr. Sánchez states that since they have come to power they have lowered Catastro rates by 18%, the IBI and Plus Valia by 5% and the occupation of public sidewalks (bar terraces) by 27%.

Furthermore, he says, it was the PP, when they controlled the Town Council that passed a bylaw bringing the cortijo tax into being in 2013, with the condition that as soon as the Catastro database was brought up to date then the said tax would come into effect.

Therefore, the cortijo tax is not a political decision taken by the present Town Council and that for them to ignore or fail to implement it would mean their incurring in an administrative illegality.

Lastly, he pointed out that of the 2,500 cortijos within the municipality of Motril, “there have only been forty petitions from people who do not agree with paying the tax.”

The irony is, he concluded, is that the PP is now going to bring a motion to the next Plenary meeting to have the taxed repealed, when it was precisely them who had created the thing in the first place; i.e., a completely Kafkaesque situation, he considers.

(News: Motril, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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