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Calle Cuayaba Street Work

In the northern extremity of urban Almuñécar lies San Sebastian and within it, Calle Guayaba… just to clear up that little mystery. It’s the street that connects Calle Chirimoyas to Calle Arcos del Ingenio. Town Hall maintenance staff have been busy digging up the surface and laying a new one and according to the Head…

So Far; So Good

The Nerja Councillor for Infrastructure, Antonio García has announced that the first phase of the facelift for Calle El Barrio has concluded, costing some 275,000 euros.

Falling Floor

Calle Real saw some emergency service activity during May. I was first alerted to this one whilst having a drink and a bite at El Ancla, when Cliff (get well soon mate!) told me that there had been a partial house collapse at the top of town, with part of the rear wall of a property missing.

Road Works in Town

Concerning the roadworks in town – on Calle Nueva and Av. Federico Garcia Lorca, the first has been a mess for over six months now – due, as reported earlier, to contractor problems, which, according to a well-informed funcionario in the Town Hall, are not easily solved.

Calle Nueva Chaos

The halted work on Calle Nueva is raising blisters on the Town Hall’s complaints desk as locals lose patience. The Calle Nueva belongs to the centro histórico of Salobreña, containing many businesses that are being adversely affected by the road works, especially since any signs of activity have disappeared since May.

In a Roundabout Way…

First of all I saw a man arrive in Calle Real, outside my place, and erect his large instrument… he was with a young woman who proceeded to look into his instrument whilst another man stood further up the road firmly gripping his pole. What is going on I thought to myself!