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Gambullón Street Lighting

By Martin Myall

For those of you who like jogging or strolling along the Camino de Gambullón, there are now 11 new street lamps to light your way when the winter evenings close in. »

La Caleta Fiesta Finale

By Louise Powell

Today is the big day of the Fiestas de la Virgen del Carmen de La Caleta-La Guardia, which began on the 12th. »

Plaza del Lavadero Work Begins

By Hugh MacArthur

Work has finally begun on the Plaza del Lavadero in La Caleta (Salobreña). It was originally announced that it would commence in September. »

Opposition Not Happy

By Martin Myall

The PP opposition party in Salobreña is out looking for defects and have found them in La Caleta, La Guardia and around town! »

Salobreña Caleta Work

By Vivienne Hughes

Just as soon as the summer season is over, the Salobreña Town Hall will carry out repair work on the Plaza del Lavadero in the Caleta. »

The Unfinished Caleta Housing

By Vivienne Hughes

The VPO's (government subsidised housing) at the entrance to La Caleta, Salobreña have long been causing headaches. »

Caleta Cranes Taken Down

By Vivienne Hughes

Salobreña has at last acted and is taking down the construction cranes in La Caleta. The Town Hall has not been able to act before hand because of legal restrictions; they had to give the owners of the two cranes a period of time to act themselves. »

Controversial Caleta Cranes

By Martin Myall

Not a lot has happened over the past months in La Caleta, as far as the VPO’s go. Precisely for that reason, locals are worried about the construction cranes there. There concern stems from the fact that these towering structures are not receiving any maintenance. Should one of them come down, not only are... »

Strong Winds Pound the Coast

By Martin Myall

High winds, snow and rain sweeps over Spain. On the Costa Tropical, high-running surf pounds La Guardia beach (between La Caleta and the Peñon) in Salobreña »

La Caleta’s New Office

By Editor

Visitors to the Casa de la Cultura in Salobreña's La Caleta, which also covers La Guardia, will be happy to know that it now has its own OAC, or Oficina de atención al Ciudadano, similar to the one in the Town Hall. »

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