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Baza’s Solidarity Market Gardens

The Mayor of Baza, Pedro Fernández, has requested a grant for 114,000 euros to create 50 vegetable plots, each with an area of 200 sq/m, to provide food for the unemployed. The money will also be used to train workers as farm labourers to work on existing farmland that requires a workforce.

Folksy Baza

Up in the north-western corner of the province of Granada you won’t find many villages or roads – it’s the least populated area of the province, so you wouldn’t think that a lot happens up there, but you would be wrong.

Baza Gets ITV Centre

Baza has always been a bother when it comes to getting a vehicle through an ITV inspection, because the inspections centre was 18 kilometres away. The previous mayor in 1992 managed to get an ITV centre for the area but after a bout of sulking from Guadix, the Junta decided to place it equidistant between the two towns – which pleased nobody.

Baza Growing

Baza’s Town Hall has announced that it will sell their old sports complex for two million euros in order to not only build a new one, but also houses and a Lidl supermarket.