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Daylight Robbery

Some daylight was stolen… no, hang on, 1 million euros were stolen from a bank in Pontevedra by an employee in charge of debt-collection.

Wonky World x 2

Two articles from our February World Section. One about fighting clergy and the other about a gang of bank robbers who didn’t quite get what they came for…

Bank Takes All

It never crossed the mind of small businessman, Antonio Ruiz, that something like this could happen to him; but it has. One moment he was on top of the world, and the next he had been stripped of all he possessed – the bank took the lot: his business (Cuadros San Sebastian) his work shop, his house… and even the houses of his two offspring… they even took his grandchildren’s bicycles!

Man Wrecks Bank

The Policía Nacional arrested a 27-year-man after he wrecked his bank branch because he was annoyed that he had no money in his account. Oh, and he also issued death threats to the staff, for good measure.

Banks and Beds

(Granada capital) A 25-year-old man forced the main door of a bank and once inside, decided to bed down for the night next to the managers desk – fair!

Venezuelan Expulsion

A Motril law court has sent three men and two women back to their country of origin – Venezuela, on a 10-year minimum expulsion order. The reason for it is that firstly they were here illegally, and secondly, they had tried to get hold of 1,800 euros that a sub-manager of a savings bank in…

Caja Rural

You can see literally dozens of TV commercials for banks where they talk about friendly staff; plenty of posters of smiling bank staff, but I can honestly say that the crew at the Avenida de Andalucía branch of the Caja Rural in Almuñécar really are a friendly bunch: Miguel, Raul, María and Cristela.

The Most for Your Money

Wise Move To Spain’s Nick Westby has lots of good advice for saving money in Spain. His clients have saved thousands of euros using specialist currency exchange companies for a better exchange rate, compared to their own banks. As well as a better rate, they also usually transfer your funds for free.