Stabbed Bank Manager

A man went into a bank in Barcelona, stabbed the female bank manager several times and then fled, only to throw himself off a fly-over bridge.

If he was concerned that the fall might not kill him, he needn’t have worried because a bus ran him over almost immediately upon landing.

Nobody is sure why he attacked the bank manager of the office on Calle Ganduxer; she was unable to give any clues because she died in hospital that same afternoon.

There was also a Malaysian butler who was found murdered in Barcelona, having died a few hours before the incident and police suspect the two incidents could be connected.

Anyway, the stabbing took place at 11.20h, when the 50-year-old man burst into the bank and attacked the 42-year-old manageress.

Immediately after the attack, the man ran out of the bank, got onto a motorbike and rode to the Via Augusta tunnel and leapt onto the busy road below.

Cautious reports state that it is not proven that he intended to commit suicide, but leaping five metres down onto tarmac, into heavy traffic, is not indicative of somebody wishing to reach retirement – just saying.

Having said that, the alleged attacker, after falling half a dozen metres onto a hard surface, and then being run over by a bus, did not die at the scene and actually made it to hospital, only to expire a few hours later, as planned, one can only assume.

The Catalan regional police have ruled out a bank robbery, basically because he didn’t actually try to steal anything. Also the only person attacked was the manageress – no other bank staff or customers.

It goes without saying that the day’s events were tragic; tragic for the alleged aggressor’s kin and those of the victim, as well as tragic for the bus driver… and who knows what was going through the head of the assailant or what drove him to act in the way that he did?

We just write it as we see it…

(News: Barcelona, Catalunya, Spain)

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