Lock Me Up; I’m Broke!

A young man in Málaga, completely financially ruined, decided to stomp into a bank, armed with a stick and demand to be arrested – “it’s a hold up,” he shouted. But it wasn’t. Read on.

“Call the police, I just want them to send me to jail,” he explained apologetically.

Whilst outside, policemen took up positions in bulletproof vests, crouched behind cars or rubbish bins, inside banking life went on as normal with the clerks chatting away, even taking phone calls with full permission from the ‘bank robber.’

It was only two minutes to closing when he walked in, just like any other bank customer because he wasn’t wearing a mask – although he did appear to be hiding something beneath his jacket as he walked up to the counter.

“This is a hold up; I’m armed, but don’t worry because I’m not going to harm anybody,” he explained, adding, “I haven’t even come to rob you, actually.”

Soon the police came in and took him away to appear before a magistrate, who to the man’s complete frustration pronounced that he would be tried for coercion instead of armed robbery, and with that released him pending trial….

(News: City of Malaga, Costa del Sol, Malaga, Andalucia)