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Silent Night, Holy Fight
If you are a clergyman, representing your faith at one of Christianity’s most holy of places, you must set an example to your flock. Plenty of meditation and prayer, some hard work and charitable deeds… oh, and of course a bloody good punch-up! We kid you not!

The world famous Bethlehem Church of the Nativity saw a mass (excuse the pun) brawl between Greek and Armenian clergy, who were there to clean the sacred shrine after the Christmas festivities.

At one point it was reported that around 100 priests and monks were punching, kicking and hitting each other with brooms. Some of the action was even caught on video and is now doing the rounds on the Internet.

Possibly the most important Christian site in the world is administered by the Roman Catholic, Greek Orthodox and Armenian Christian authorities, and, incredibly, these little ‘dust-ups’ are not uncommon, each group being fanatically territorial about the areas that they look after.

According to the police, it is pretty much an annual event, they all start cleaning, someone’s broom encroaches into someone else’s designated area and all hell breaks loose.

Round 2013 of this match will take place just after Christmas 2012!


Letter of the Law
The robbery at Banco Credicoop in Buenos Aires, Argentina, was planned down to the last detail and executed with perfect timing. These armed thugs really new what they were up to!

Like something out of a Quentin Tarantino movie, the seven-man gang drove into the bank’s own staff car park in a vehicle exactly identical to that of the manager and then emerged into the bank itself in masks and brandishing guns.

Knowing that money sacks had just been delivered, the gang grabbed them and made their getaway, leaving the bank staff cowering on the floor.
Unfortunately for our ropey robbers, they must have forgotten to put their glasses on over the masks, because they didn’t pick up the sacks full of cash, just a couple of sacks full of mail, which had been delivered around the same time.

Later, bank officials admitted that the sacks full of money had been taken directly to the vault by the time the robbers entered the building and the mail bags did look a little bit similar to the money laden sacks.

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