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Creature Feature

Come and get your kittens, two for the price of one or maybe I should sell them by the kilo? Just kidding! They are all outside now, playing with naughty blades of dry grass daring to sway in the breeze.

Dogs, Kittens & Fits

Been a very interesting month regarding animal behaviour! Found a mum cat and five teeny-tiny kittens in our old Land Rover. Another one in the laundry room with four kittens and yet another in the tree house with four!

Setting the Record Straight

I must say I have been waiting for the inevitable lash back and on Tuesday 4th of May it came. I was about to leave for Córdoba Hospital to start my tests for a double lung and heart transplant when my friend came to see me and said that one of the vets in town had been visited by another vet with a better command of English.

Paddy the Wolfhound

The weather has been a bit better and so we’ve been out fixing the fence and the driveway, as best we can. Need a digger really. It’s the first time in a while we’ve had a chance to watch the dogs. They’ve started this completely new game thing and I swear to you I think they talk to each other.

Mobil Vet Visits

Had an e-mail re last months column, no not with regard to caterpillar cruelty but pointing out that if one were to enter a pine forest full of dry tinder, throw petrol around willy nilly, then set it alight, it could cause a horrendous fire!

Caterpillar Time

Unfortunately, it’s ‘spray the land with poison’ time again and shortly after that mid to end of February & March is ‘marching caterpillar time.’ Here are a few tips on what to do in the event of either emergency presenting itself.

Dogs in Human Company

Dogs were first domesticated from wolves at least 17,000 years ago, but perhaps as early as 150,000 years ago based upon genetic fossil and DNA evidence.


Is it me or is everyone leaving Spain? I have had so many enquiries over the last few months regarding long term kennelling and quite a few horror stories also.