Setting the Record Straight

I must say I have been waiting for the inevitable lash back and on Tuesday 4th of May it came. I was about to leave for Córdoba Hospital to start my tests for a double lung and heart transplant when my friend came to see me and said that one of the vets in town had been visited by another vet with a better command of English. The gist: I was to be reported to the Ministerio de Veterinarios for selling medicine, not true. Don’t sell meds.

I called the vet and asked who has reported me, and for what. Basically, very peed off about the affordable mobile charity vet prices.

The vet had not read the article properly and thought I was giving injections and God only knows…spaying animals? So backtracked and said I was not allowed to sell worming tablets, even though you can but them in every chemist, pet shop, garden centre and some hardware stores in town. Not to mention the Internet.

Futhermore, I explained that Wayne is a fully qualified, licensed, English vet with a fully kitted out van, insured by a charity in Málaga, a fully registered rescue centre.
Here I feel the need to brag a little, sorry. Grooming and the kennels is a second career for me, a therapeutic career as I have a terminal illness. In my past life, I worked as an investigative journalist for the BBC for over ten years, closing down residential care homes for the elderly, badly run nurseries etc. Before that, I was part of a team of only ten, hand picked, people to launch MTV into Europe from America, before that toured the world in the 80’s with Eurythmics. Have lived and worked in London, Paris, Australia, Los Angeles and New York. Throw in my degree in communication and psychology. Yes love, my paper work is in order!

I have asked every vet in this town to help with spaying and neutering. And only one has come close to doing so.
I told the vet that people call me about injured and abandoned animals constantly and that the police ring me and ask me what to do with them. I told her I just want to help people afford to spay, to reduce the population and that Wayne, who is also a teacher felt the same way (he was also the celebrity vet on Channel 4’s Big Breakfast some years ago).

I guess my terminal illness, husband recovering from cancer and family to support counts for nothing against their potential loss of earnings. Stupid thing is that the people I’m encouraging and helping couldn’t afford to use normal vets. anyway!

My kennel poster has disappeared, by the way.

So to clarify: Wayne Hockenhull is a fully qualified English vet who has a mobile clinic in a very posh van. He is registered, insured, pays tax and is allowed to charge whatever he wants to operate and sell medication. He’s allowed to park his van on private land wherever he wants. It is a charity.
I do not sell animal medication in my salon. I sell diatomaceous earth for the treatment of fleas and ticks and I am allowed to do so.

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