Creature Feature

Come and get your kittens, two for the price of one or maybe I should sell them by the kilo? Just kidding! They are all outside now, playing with naughty blades of dry grass daring to sway in the breeze. Jumping and climbing on anything that moves including the four puppies; it’s like a big idiot fest in the garden about 7.30pm when the sun has gone. Little bottlebrush tails and running sideways.

What, I hear you say, have cats to do with the Canine Corner? Absolutely nothing!I’m wondering if the column shouldn’t be called Creature Feature because although we have the kennels, cattery & grooming salon, we are creature freaks!

My son rescued a baby bat the other day and nursed it back to freedom. My other son took a grasshopper from a small boy who was about to remove its back legs and then watch it try to escape, he sent him home crying to his Mother, “The guiri said he’s going to pull my legs off!” She came down to the shop and didn’t get much sympathy. I love it when the opportunity presents itself for me to offer the ‘Andalusian shrug.’

We had a mouse in our lounge; it is a farm. It was hiding behind a chest. There we were three men and me all squashed and kneeling on the coffee table, all of us liking to believe we have a modicum of attitude, having placed a bit of apple to coax out the mouse so we can all go Eeewwwwww! How cute. Not right is it?

A customer of mine from La Herradura heard scratching in her cupboard, looked saw nothing, bought a humane mouse trap, caught the mouse and drove it the obligatory two mile away (or they come straight back). Next day scratching noise still there, looked right at the back and found six babies! Hand fed them and managed to save four.

I was talking to a client about the diatomaceous earth and how it works. I’ve got the patter down as I say it so often. It’s a fossil, when magnified it looks like shards of broken glass. It is mechanical, not toxic. This means that when you put it on a flea or an ant it doesn’t poison it; it kills them by slicing and dicing them as they walk through it and then it sucks out the moisture. I looked at her and pulled a face. She said, “Claire, you are not serious…fleas, ants?” I honestly felt bad.

Chris is worse; he won’t use fly spray. I’m a keen cook and don’t like flies. I say to him, “That fly is going to land on your sandwich and it has probably just walked all over a poo!” He still won’t do it; he says it’s because he doesn’t want to breathe it in, but I know it’s not.

He’s so funny with the dog when they come to stay. We hide and listen to him. He says please and thank you to them and talks to them like people, things like, “That’s not your house jester, come out please, ’ and when Jester complies he says, ’thank you.’ They do exactly what he wants. They love him.

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