Flea & Tick Time

It’s coming up to flea & tick time again and I’m very, very excited to have nailed the problem at last. I’ve been researching for quite some time to find an effective, economical, non-toxic solution and I’ve found it. It’s called diatomaceous earth (die-u-toe-may-shu-s). It is a miracle of nature. To explain the many uses it has would take too long. Google it. As of May, I’m selling it at 15 euros a kilo.
Briefly, it is the fossilized remains of an aquatic plant ground to a powder. It has the stamp of approval from the organic society. Can be used to dust any animal to kill fleas and ticks. Taken internally to control worms in animal and humans. Used around the home and garden to keep the fleas completing their cycle. Remember every flea you find means there is another 500 on the way.
Adult flea = Hundreds of eggs falling off the animal constantly. On the sofa, your bed, its bedding, every room they visit and outside.
Eggs hatch into larvae, crawl off and hide in every crack and crevice.
There they turn into pupa and nothing penetrates this waterproof tough membrane. They can exist in this cocoon for up to a year until a host is present. They hatch as fleas and we’re off again. This is why, if your pet has fleas, you have to treat the home as well – a potentially very expensive job involving several different chemical solutions.
Diatomaceous earth does the whole lot and if, like me, you don’t want to fill your environment with chemicals, it’s perfect. I’m going to print a little information booklet to go with it, a systematic procedure to be rid of critters. The whole clean up cycle takes about 4 to 6 weeks and includes hot wash of soft furnishings, vacuuming and dusting the home with diatomaceous earth. Google it, you will be amazed at its many uses.
Don’t forget dog & cat worming tablets for sale at €1.50 each (from the vet 4 to 6 each). The whole €1.50 goes towards the upkeep of the animals.
The mobile vet is a huge success! I’m going to get some A4 posters printed up in Spanish and wallpaper the campo and Almuñécar with them. In the last month, I have been asked to find homes for 15 puppies!
Yearly Rabies Booster €12.00
Full dog Booster & rabies €25.00
Full Cat Vaccinations & Rabies €30.00
Microchips €25.00
The full dog booster vaccine includes: distemper, parvovirus, adenovirus, para-influenza, leptospirosis and rabies.
The full cat booster vaccine includes: calicivirus, herpesvirus, pan-leucopaenia, rabies and leukaemia.
Female cat spayed from €45
Male cat neutered from €30
Female dog from €70 to €90 depending on size
Male dog neutering from €45 to €65 depending on size
Call us to make an appointment. 607 235 572
My first day back at work in March a woman came in crying. Jake, our friend, all round good egg and landscape/maintenance gardener, with extensive knowledge in self sufficiency and organic gardening (670 853 888), happened to be there buying worming tablets and trying to re-home three puppies, call him if you want one. She said there was an animal up the street dying. We went immediately to see and it was a cat, curled up freezing cold and soaking wet, with people just walking by.
Jake scooped her up and we took her to the shop and put her in the warm drying cabinet. She was in a terrible state of shock. Jake took her to the vet; he was worried that she couldn’t move her backend. The vet warmed her up, poked her back legs, gave her a bit of food, which she ate, and Jake took her home. We were feeling really good about it but as she came around it became clear she couldn’t move her backend. He took her back into town, she had an x-ray, there were two gun pellets: one lodged in her spine the other in her back. She was put down. I’m hard, I deal with stuff like this all the time but the odd one just takes you out. I cried like crap for two days for this little cat. Sometimes I truly, truly hate people.

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