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Had an e-mail re last months column, no not with regard to caterpillar cruelty but pointing out that if one were to enter a pine forest full of dry tinder, throw petrol around willy nilly, then set it alight, it could cause a horrendous fire! OK.

Bobby! Yeah! Got a new home with lovely, lovely David and Lynn in the Rio Seco. I stopped by to see if he was OK the other day and he looked at me as if to say, “Very pleased to see you Claire but go away!”
Still need homes for other dogs, have put them on the website, if you’re interested.

Please, don’t call me and ask me to take any more dogs or cats, I’m at my limit and I can find enough myself, I’m so financially stretched as I also feed dogs all the way into town every day, along with the clan I already have. In the last six months I have been given four blankets, two bags of dog food and sold twenty worming tablets – times are hard for everyone. Two pregnant cats have turned up; I think my cats have been putting posters up around the Río Seco with directions to the food tree! So, more spaying after the kittens are born. Still need a shed for the cats to nest in, if anyone has one they don’t want.

We have good quality dog & cat worming tablets for sale at €1.50 each (from the vet €4 to €6 each). The whole €1.50 goes towards the upkeep of the animals.

Something new and exciting for all you people with your own mini rescue centre. We are having a fully qualified, British mobile vet visit us in Almuñécar two days a week and one day a week in La Herradura for the following:

Yearly Rabies Booster €12.00
Full dog Booster & rabies €25.00
Full Cat Vaccinations & Rabies €30.00
Microchips €25.00
The full dog booster vaccine includes: distemper, parvovirus, adenovirus, parainfluenza, leptospirosis and rabies.
The full cat booster vaccine includes: calicivirus, herpesvirus, panleucopaenia, rabies and leukaemia.
Female cat spayed from €45
Male cat neutered from €30
Female dog from €70 to €90 depending on size
Male dog neutering from €45 to €65 depending on size
Call us to make an appointment. 607 235 572

I have someone learning to groom at present so anyone with a breed dog can have a free groom for the next two months, just call and make an appointment.
Finally, a tribute to my dog Bobby, who died last week. We rescued him from Nerja six years ago. He was a Pekinese cross and was about to be put down, as he had been re-homed several times and then returned. We think it was because he just couldn’t grasp the idea of going for a poo outside! He was OK with us, as we start our day so early because of the kennels, we usually managed to ‘cut him off at he pass’, so to speak. We’d have the occasional accident but we didn’t care because we loved him very much. He was a terrible thief, hated being groomed and anything you put on the ground he peed on it, immediately. He’s left a huge hole. He had a fantastic life here surrounded by people and dog friends. He was a very happy little chap.

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