Creature Feature for May

Well it would appear we are not the only creatures to seek a little light relief from Nature’s garden! I started to look into it and this is what I found – I think it’s very funny! It would appear there has been quite the party going on.

Brainy Social Dogs

It would appear from the results of a recent study that dogs are in fact more intelligent than cats! The intelligence of dogs has evolved at a greater rate than the less social cat over millions of years, scientists at Oxford University have claimed.

Chris, Cats & Caterpillars

Someone asked me the other day what my constant reference to ‘up the tree’ was. Outside our kitchen door is an almond tree, we nailed boards to it to make a platform so that the cats could be fed away from the dogs…


A friend of mine came over for a visit. She said I should tell you about the mentally deranged transference of personalities we have projected onto our animals and the names we call them… Come on; we all do it.

Men Don’t Multi-Task

One of the things I love about writing this column is the title Martin gives it. I’m so tempted this month to name it but shall wait and see if he thinks the same. Ok, bit long winded but funny. Men don’t multitask?

When Cheap is Expensive

Lovely, lovely weather! Having our yearly kennel overhaul before winter kicks in. Heating working, painted all the houses, put down new sand and fixed any holes in the fence. We replaced a whole section of fencing and built a wall. I was sat on a breezeblock rendering the wall, in the sun, having a moment.…

Creature Feature

Come and get your kittens, two for the price of one or maybe I should sell them by the kilo? Just kidding! They are all outside now, playing with naughty blades of dry grass daring to sway in the breeze.

Dogs, Kittens & Fits

Been a very interesting month regarding animal behaviour! Found a mum cat and five teeny-tiny kittens in our old Land Rover. Another one in the laundry room with four kittens and yet another in the tree house with four!

Setting the Record Straight

I must say I have been waiting for the inevitable lash back and on Tuesday 4th of May it came. I was about to leave for Córdoba Hospital to start my tests for a double lung and heart transplant when my friend came to see me and said that one of the vets in town had been visited by another vet with a better command of English.