The Province’s Water Situation

So the rain that we had in the late spring helped but the fact is there's no justification for breaking out the party hats and farting cushions.

GRA Bermajales Very LowWe’re still in drought conditions and summer has only just begun.

Whether it’s down on the coast or right up in the north-eastern end of the province, Town Halls  ask for caution; in Almuñécar they ask beachgoers to go easy with the beach showers – last year they turned them off; around Baza, small villages are asking people to go easy on filling pools.

As things stand, we might get through the summer without drastic restrictions.

So, lets look at the situation of our reservoirs around the province:

Béznar: 67.1% (down from 84.9% last June)
Canales: 72.2% (down from 92.9% last year)
Colomera: 11.2% (down from 12.5%% last year)
Cubillas: 52% (Up from 50% last June)
El Portillo: 59.9% (down from 71% last June)
Abellán: 19.6% (down from 25.9% last June)
Los Bermejales: 19.5% (down from 27.5% last June)
Negratín: 25.4% (down from 31.4% last June)
Quéntar: 76.9% (down from 78.6% last June)
Rules: 57% (down from 78.4% last June)
San Cemente: 12.6% (down from 16.2% last June)

You probably recognise most of these reservoirs and know where they are but Abellán might not sound familiar but it is in the Guadix area, near Lopera.

Another interesting thing to remember is that Rules is getting low even though it provides no drinking or irrigation water for anybody and is topped up by Béznar Reservoir.

(News: Granada, Andalucia)

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