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Sierra Nevada’s Wears White

By Martin Myall

If you had viewed the Sierra Nevada webcams yesterday you would have been amazed to see the slopes under a white carpet... in August. »

Granada Rocks!

By Hugh MacArthur

Sixteen earth tremors have been registered on seismographs yesterday around the provincial capital. »

Two Frenchmen & Much Mary-Jane

By Martin Myall

The Policía Nacional has arrested two Frenchmen, aged 27 and 30, for being in possession nearly 11 kilos of Marijuana. »

Missed Booty

By Martin Myall

A builder was having a coffee in a small bar in Colomera with some friends when he decided to go to the toilet, but absentmindedly left his wallet on the counter - so far, not good. Moments later another local from the town came in, saw the wallet, picked it up and exited rapidly.... »

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