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Looking Drier!

SPN Guadian reservoir

Rivers are supposed to flow into reservoirs for later use but this late spring, reservoirs are being emptied to keep rivers alive in the interior of Spain.

Drought Worries

The snow on the Sierra Nevada has gone, the reservoirs are half empty and we haven’t even begun the summer, and it’s not just locally, the whole of Spain is abnormally dry.

Drownings 20% Up


Up to the 1st of August a total of 264 people had drowned in Spain; that’s 20% up on 2015, according to the Federación Española de Salvamento y Socorrismo.

Drowned Memories

here’s something lugubrious about burial at sea, which is how you might describe what happened to two small pueblos in the Lecrin Valley when three dams were erected twenty odd years ago