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Bungee Death Judicial Update

LEC Tablate Bridge

(DEL) Readers will remember the bungee-jumping accident on a bridge between Béznar and Lanjarón, resulting in the death of a young British woman – the trial is reaching its conclusion.

Musketeers in the Valley

LEC Beznar Musketeers 2

(MAD) The Lecrin Town Hall, which is responsable for several villages, is hopeen to see hundred of people turning up for the Beznar Fiestas this coming weekend.

The Ruinous Rules

The Ministry of Agriculture has hired the private company, Prointect to draw up a viability project to bring irrigation water down from Béznar-Rules Reservoirs to the coast.

Water Supply Guaranteed

Well, as you’re moaning about what a dismal beginning the summer has had, look on the bright side because there won’t be any water shortages in the next two years, at least.

Drowned Memories

here’s something lugubrious about burial at sea, which is how you might describe what happened to two small pueblos in the Lecrin Valley when three dams were erected twenty odd years ago

He’s At It Again

Parishioners are revolting against the decision of the controversial Archbishop of Granada to deprive them of their popular parish priest.