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Panic on the A-44

GRA KMP 173 A44 near Rules Bridge

A driver drove ten kilometres along the A-44 on the Motril-bound lane, which no doubt had a laxative effect on drivers coming head on with him.

More Water Protests

ALM Damn Water Protest JN21

It is reminiscence of the late 80s when bus loads of Almuñequeros went to Sevilla to demonstrate and demand water, now 30 years on the crusade reingnites.

Galera Building Licence

ALM La Galera virgin 90s

The Almuñécar Board of Councillors has given the green light to a building licence for 63 dwellings as the second phase of Residencial Costa Galera, Taramay.


AND Carmen Crespo

The new, conservative Provincial Delegate for Agriculture, Carmen Crespo, is energetically back peddling over her remarks concerning water transfers from Rules .