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By Martin Myall

The new, conservative Provincial Delegate for Agriculture, Carmen Crespo, is energetically back peddling over her remarks concerning water transfers from Rules . »

Hands Off Rules Water!

By Hugh MacArthur

Although the distribution system for the Rules Reservoir doesn't exist yet, every once in a while rumours begin about the water going to Almería. »

Rules Goes Hydro-Electric

By Hugh MacArthur

The Junta de Andalucia has awarded a contract for the installation of a hyrdo-electric plant in Rules Dam. »

Otivar Dam?

By Martin Myall

Did you know that there was an old project to build a dam on Rió Verde above Otívar? Well, Benny wants it revived. »

Irrigation Blues

By Hugh MacArthur

The Asociacion Agua para el Campo is warning that the lack of action from different administrations over the Rules Dam distribution network is leading to an irrigation crisis. »

Granada Drought Update

By Martin Myall

(MRP) The end of July saw the province’s reservoirs with 40% less stored water than July 2015 and with still half the summer to go. If it doesn’t rain in September... »

San Juan Rules in Almuñécar

By Martin Myall

That can be read two ways and both are correct: Almuñécar is completely given over to the Fiesta de San Juan and… there are rules that you will have to obey. »

A Cry for Attention

By Hugh MacArthur

A 29-year-old woman was arrested in Salobreña for making a false statement before the Guardia Civil; involving murder and a body dumped in a reservoir. »

Reader’s Letter: Rules

By Gazette Reader

In your June edition (Vol 13 No.: 6) you have an article on the dam north of Motril, on the road to the city of Granada. »

The Ruinous Rules

By Martin Myall

The Ministry of Agriculture has hired the private company, Prointect to draw up a viability project to bring irrigation water down from Béznar-Rules Reservoirs to the coast. »

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