Pedestrian Only Plan Stopped

The plan to make central streets in Motril into pedestrian-only ones has hit a rock in the form of rejection from many of the locals and businesses affected.

MOT Pedestrian StreetAs it is, these city-centre streets have been closed during the Christmas period and during summer since 2016 but the Town Hall wants it to be a permanent arrangement.

The idea, quite frankly, is as popular as flatulance in a lift as far as the good folk of Motril are concerned.

The Asociación de Comerciantes and the Cámara de Comercio (Chamber of Comerce) on the other hand have been keen on the idea for years, which is why the Mayor, Luisa García Chamorro, told the police to conduct a viability study, which is rather like expecting a successful outcome from asking Humpty Dumpty to take up tightrope walking, some might consider.

But the police carried out the task admirably and concluded that it would work if applied to the main, shopping streets, which would not overload the other streets around town.

The plan was to convert Calle Emilio Moré, amongst others and change the traffic-flow direction of Calle Marqués Vistabella (see photo).

However, six spoil-sports businesses on Calle Emilio Moré objected to the project and as the Town Hall does not want to impose this idea, it’s lying dead in the water.

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The Councillor for Comercio, Salud y Consumo, Susana Peña, has called upon the Asociación de Comerciantes to collaborate with convincing the said business. Whether this entails baseball bats and unexpected visits is anybody’s guess.

However, this Christmas the streets will be closed to traffic, as has been the case for the last five years, Starting on the 18th and concluding on the 6th of January. This means that only resident on the affected streets or those that have garages along them will be able to access the city-centre in a vehicle.

The Asociación de Comercio y Hostelería de Motril, on the other hand, consider that the Town Hall isn’t getting its shoulder behind the project enough. The board of the association considers that many of their projects fall foul of administrative obstacles, which is why they think that the Town Hall is being half-hearted about it.

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