Casado Comes of Age

SPN Santiago Abascal vot no confidence OC20Today the giant finally stood up to the midget bully than has dictated its every move; the leader of the PP delivered a brilliant speech against the far-right Vox party.

The occasion was a vote-of-no-confidence in The Congress (lower house of parliament) against the socialist government . It was doomed to failure, but then again, ousting PM Sánchez was not its purpose but rather gambit to humiliate the principal conservate opposition party.

Vox is a splinter group of the PP, whose voters turned their back on the latter to give Vox parliamentary representation. In fact, such was the blow in the second generl elections of 2019 that the PP only managed to gain control of autonomous regions (where they were not the party most voted) thanks to the support of Vox and Ciudadanos. And that is the price that has tied the PP to meekly kowtowing to Vox… until today.

To explain further, In the April 2019 elections the PP dropped from 135 seats down to only 66, whereas VOX went from zero seats to 24 (rising to 52 in November). The centre party Ciudadanos went from 35 to 57, only to be reduced to 10 in the following elections in November that same year.

Even the governing PSOE socialists and the far-left coalition partners, Podemos Unidas praised Pablo Casado for a “brilliant speech.”

The Vox candidate for PM (in a Spanish vote-of-no-confidence, he who convokes it must offer a candidate and governing policy – it is not sufficient to simply topple the Government) was left visibly taken aback by the ferocity of the PP leader. He expected some flak but not this all-out attack from his ‘unwilling’ ally on the right.

The voting ended in the 52 votes of Vox in favour and the rest of the political parties voting no (298). There were no abstentions.

In the coming days and weeks we will see the consequences of this tectonic shift within the Spanish right wing. Will Vox withdraw their support that has kept the PP in power in Madrid, Murcia and here in Andalucía? Vox leader, Santiago Abascal, said that it would not revenge in this way.

We shall see but even before the voting had finished the Vox leader in Andalucía announced that he had cancelled negotiations with the PP government over the Budget because of the content in Pablo Casado’s anti-Vox speech.

(News: Spain)


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