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Hospital Corruption?

By Editor

Doctors are being investigated by the Health Board over allegations of taking bribes from the German company, Fresenius, providers of dialysis products . »

Political Unease

By Martin Myall

In all the years that I have worked for the Gazette I have never made known my personal political preference in local politics concerning the Elecciones Municipales. »

Spain Roared

By Martin Myall

Yes, Spain roared; it roared that it wasn't going to follow many countries in Europe and succumb to extreme right-wing parties. »

Seatbelt Use Campaign

By Martin Myall

The Guardia Civil carried out a campaign to heighten awaress to the used of car seat belts and child seats, but was not confined to Spain. »

The Husky Hustle

By Martin Myall

Buying things on the Internet, especially from private sales, can be dodgy, as was the case of a Siberian-Husky-puppy sale. »

Speed Limit Changes

By Hugh MacArthur

Beware because as of Monday (28th) the new speed limits on national (N-340 for example) roads came into effect meaning that the top speed is 90 KPH. »

Spy in The Sky

By Martin Myall

The Dirección General de Tráfico (DGT) has incorporated eleven drones into their equipment for catching out drivers who break the law. »

18 Immigrants Rescued off Salobreña

By David Darby

The 18 occupants were all males with one minor amongst them. They were intercepted less than 100 metres from the beach in Salobreña and arrived in Motril at 12:30h. »

A Patient’s Right to Decide

By Vivienne Hughes

The Spanish Lower House of Parliament approved on the 20th of December the country's first nationwide law guaranteeing a dignified death. »

Change to Divorce Laws

By Vivienne Hughes

There's been a huge change to Spanish divorce laws which will cause an earthquake where the family home is concerned. »

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