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Loco Spanish Headlines

By Martin Myall

These Spanish headlines are from ten years ago but were published in this month's paper edition. For those of you outside our distribution area and don't receive a PDF, this is for you! »

Microsoft Service Scam

By Hugh MacArthur

The Guardia Civil Head Quarters in Coruña has issued a warning to online users concerning a Microsoft Service scam. »

Sneaky Endesa

By Hugh MacArthur

When a utility company or mobile-phone operator launches a new offer where you seemingly save money, you don't - they're not going to launch a product to lose money. »

Making Being Rescued Easier

By Martin Myall

We're all too frequently running articles on people twisting ankles, falling down slopes or getting lost and have to be rescued by helicopter. But do you know what to do if you're waiting or the chopper? »

Anti-Acid Medication Recalled

By Vivienne Hughes

If your regularly take Omeprazol, which is an anti-acid, stomach liner, then this article will interest you. »

Child Kidnapped from Care Home

By Vivienne Hughes

The Policía Nacional arrested a father at Madrid Airport trying to smuggle his 2-year-old daughter back to Algeria. »

Contactless Online Fraud

By Hugh MacArthur

Every time they bring out a new way of making payments there are those that find ways of using the system to steal your money. »

Farewell to Arms

By Hugh MacArthur

Owing to firearms either being confiscated or simply handed in, the Guardia Civil, destroyed over 50,000 firearms last year. »

Hospital Corruption?

By Editor

Doctors are being investigated by the Health Board over allegations of taking bribes from the German company, Fresenius, providers of dialysis products . »

Political Unease

By Martin Myall

In all the years that I have worked for the Gazette I have never made known my personal political preference in local politics concerning the Elecciones Municipales. »

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