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Better the King of Beggars…

By Martin Myall

Thousands of Guardia Civil, Sergeant Majors are refusing promotion to 2nd Lieutenant because of the drop in pay and prestige. »

Salobrena Market News

By David Darby

Some new businesses will open their doors (or run up their shutters) in early 2020, which is also the year in which it is expected that the underground parking facilities will open. »

Baby Shark In Plastic Squeeze

By Editor

As if to highlight this problem, just a few days ago a fisherman working out of Motril found a small redhead, a species of shark, with the ring of a soft drinks bottle around its mouth. »

Butane Goes Up

By Martin Myall

It's colder so naturally the price of a butane bottle is going up... by five percent, meaning they will now cost 17.13 euros. No surprises there! »

Online Rentals Scam

By Martin Myall

The Guardia Civil in Solana de los Barros have presented charges against a man for allegedly setting up an online booking scam. »

Whatsapp Shake Up

By Martin Myall

Whatsapp, which belongs to Facebook, will soon no longer work on certain smartphone, operating systems, come 2020. »

Check Your Nuts!

By Martin Myall

Health warnings are coming out thick and fast lately; the latest concerns nuts from South Africa... No, we're not referring to lunatic South Africans. »

Loco Spanish Headlines

By Martin Myall

These Spanish headlines are from ten years ago but were published in this month's paper edition. For those of you outside our distribution area and don't receive a PDF, this is for you! »

Microsoft Service Scam

By Hugh MacArthur

The Guardia Civil Head Quarters in Coruña has issued a warning to online users concerning a Microsoft Service scam. »

Sneaky Endesa

By Hugh MacArthur

When a utility company or mobile-phone operator launches a new offer where you seemingly save money, you don't - they're not going to launch a product to lose money. »

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