Woman Hires Boy for Arson Job

GRA Torched VanThe Guardia Civil have made two arrests; a 25-year-old woman and a 27-year-old man, as suspects to the torching of a van in Zubia (Granada).

It appears that the woman paid a 12-year-old boy the sum of 200 euros to burn her ex-boyfriend’s van. The male suspect, on the other hand, had the task of finding a young lad for the task and with providing him with the gasoline in order to carry out the act of arson.

The ex-boyfriend used his van for deliveries and without which he couldn’t work – something his ex-girlfriend well knew.

The van was duly turned into a ball of flames on the 15th of September. The minor was accompanied by the arrested man (who has a criminal record  *gasp!*) during the ‘mission,’ the Guardia Civil consider.

The fire service couldn’t prevent the roasted van from ending up calcinated but they did manage to prevent the flames spreading to nearby parked vehicles.

Well, the owner of the crispy van reported the incident to the Guardia post in La Zubía pointing out that he suspected that his ex´girlfriend was behind it as she had demanded that he handed over 1,600 euros that she had lent him to buy the van in the first place.

Police investigations turned up that the two arrested persons had met up over a meal where she tried to convince him to torch the van but he had pointed out that he was out on parole, so it wasn’t a terribly good idea. He did convince her, however, that there were kids of about 12 in the nearby park who could do it with impunity as at that age they cannot be held criminally responsible for their acts.

The police also found proof that the arrested man had gone to a gasolinera that same day to purchase a litre of petrol in a container.

So there you have it and the moral of the story is… don’t owe your ex money unless you like walking to work. Furthermore, arson is a more lucrative source of income for a 12-year-old than a paper round.

(News: Zubia, Metropolitan Area, Granada, Andalucia – Photo: totally unrelated to the incident)

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