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Customer Thwarts Armed Hold-Up

By Martin Myall

A bar owner was closing up when two individuals burst in armed with large knives - it was coming up to midnight and they weren't there to sell encyclopaedias. »

Alhambra Special Visit

By Louise Powell

The Heritage Board for Alhambra & Generalife has opened another normally inaccessible area of the place during December: The Habitaciones del Emperador. »

Granada Bypass Speed Limit

By Martin Myall

Beware when travelling up to Granada because they are going to impose a 90-km speed limit on the circunvaliación (bypass) and Ronda Sur. »

Baby Swallows Hashish

By Vivienne Hughes

An 18-month-old baby was hospitalised on Wednesday after ingesting hashish. The mother brought the child in without knowing what was up with it. »

Health Board Pays Out

By Vivienne Hughes

A man from Granada had an operation on his heart in 2014 but the surgeons left behind a part of a canula when they sewed him back up. »

Patrol Car Collision

By Vivienne Hughes

A patrol car rushing to the scene of possible domestic violence incident collided with another car, resulting in six people being injured. »

Lorry Hits Autovía Bridge

By Martin Myall

There was a bit of consternation yesterday when a lorry impacted against the underside of an A-44 bridge where it bypasses the city of Granada. »

Drunk Driver Attacks Policeman

By Hugh MacArthur

A female driver has been found guilty of drink driving and attacking a police officer whilst being arrested. Her passenger was found guilty of aggression, as well. »

Albaicín Vs Tourist Flats

By Martin Myall

Residents of tourist areas eventually become overwhelmed with their presence, as has been the case in Barcelona and now with Granada. »

Overspending Overlooked

By Editor

The City Hall of Granada has cancelled around 50 mobile contracts in the name of municipal employees in an attempt to cut costs. »

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