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Vox Wife Beater

AXA Wife Beating Vox

The Guardia Civil have arrested the Spokesperson for the far-right party, Vox in La Zubia (metropolitan Granada) for alleged gender violence at home.

They’re Still Not Listening

The Mayor if Zubia (PP) has raised the salary of the Councillor of the Economy and in passing awarded himself a salary 45,000 euros. Oh, and he has raised the expense quota for attending a council meeting from 113 euro to 195 euros.

Noisy Neighbour Shot At

A Policía Local officer is standing trial for shooting at a noisy neighbour. He is facing three years’ imprisonment if found guilty. According to the Public Prosecutor, the accused shot at the said neighbour four times after an argument over the noise he was making.

Slippery Trail

A thief owed his capture to a tell-tale trail of frying oil, leaking from the deep fat fryer that he had stolen, all the way to his own house.