Granada Breathes Easier

AND Junta Spokesman Elías BendodoThe city of Granada is not going to be locked down, at least for the time being, but in the university, things are going to change.

The Junta has announced today that starting Thursday the 15th classes at Granada University will be suspended for two weeks.

Furthermore, there will be a curfew imposed on student, living accommodation meaning that students can’t go out after 22.00h in the evening.

The Prime Ministerial Advisor for the Junta, Elías Bendodo, said that this measure had been decided upon at the Ministerial Board Meeting today in order to tackle the viral expansion in Granada, which was the first capital in city in Andalucía to register over 500 infections per 100,000 in habitants.

What’s more, the Junta will carry out mass-screening tests at homes for the elderly where there have been active cases, as well as mass-screening tests amongst the population of Alhama de Granada, along the lines of those already carried out in Alfacar, Zafarraya and Iznalloz.

All these measures, Minister Bendodo explained, are designed to halt the expansion and thus avoid having to impose restrictions on the hostelry sector or limit movement in large towns and cities.

“Granada is not in a situation where it needs to be closed down at the moment, but to avoid this in a couple of weeks or so, steps need to be taken now,” said the Minister.

Editorial comment: with 150 positive cases detected in the residential colleges just as the university year begins, coupled with video footage of students involved in street parties and ones in flats shared by student where no social distancing or mask usage is respected, the Junta has lost its patience.

(News: Metropolitan Area, Granada, Andalucia)

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