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Belgium Resident Murdered

By Hugh MacArthur

Following the discovery of the body of a Belgian woman in Tolox in Malaga on the 12th, with evident signs of violence, there has been an arrest. »

Online Rentals Scam

By Martin Myall

The Guardia Civil in Solana de los Barros have presented charges against a man for allegedly setting up an online booking scam. »

Street Fight and Drugs

By Hugh MacArthur

A gang had planned to raid a dwelling in Motril to steal 19 kilos of marihuana ready for sale but things went wrong. »

Kitchen Surgery

By Vivienne Hughes

A cat owner was arrested in La Guardia (Jaen) after allegedly carrying out home surgery on her cats - she has been charged with Animal Cruelty. »

Carchuna Beach Landing

By Hugh MacArthur

The Policía Nacional arrested six illegal immigrants who had landed on a Carchuna beach around 16.00h yesterday afternoon. »

Brit & Poles Arrested

By Hugh MacArthur

A British man and three Poles were arrested aboard their yacht when it was found to have three tonnes of hashish on Board. The arrest was part of a FRONTEX operation entitled Indalo. »

Cortijo Thieves Caught

By Vivienne Hughes

La Guardia Civil have arrested two individuals from Lobres and Motril, accused of breaking into a cortijo within the municipality of Salobreña. »

Burglar Caught Red Handed

By Hugh MacArthur

The Policía Local in Motril trapped a burglar inside a bar that he was in the process of doing over on Wednesday. »

Difficult Arrest in Motril

By Vivienne Hughes

A father and son were arrested in Motril by the Policía Nacional, with one of them being accused of carrying out muggings and a burglary. »

Los Tablones Bowman Arrested

By Hugh MacArthur

An off-duty policeman from the Guardia Civil called for support from municipal police officers to arrest a man with a bow in Los Tablones. »

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