Motril Beach Parking

MOT Playa Granada, prohibido aparcarParking along Motril beaches is going to be an issue this summer, as it was last year, with fines flying for parking on the beach itself.

Artículo 33.5 de la Ley de Costas states that there is no parking or camping on the beach, something that is on several noticeboards on Playa Granada and Playa Poniente.

Some of these noticeboards have attracted graffiti or worse after Costas decided to fine drivers left, right and centre last summer.

Costas, being the splendid fellows that they are, have already informed the Town Hall that they intend to blitz beach parking again this year.

For this reason the Town Hall has organised four parking areas, providing a total of 1,880 parking spaces between them, where beachgoers can park without finding little pieces of paper tucked beneath their windscreen wipers informing them that they now have less money than they thought to spend on their holidays here.

These four parking areas, which will be available from this coming Monday are:

  1. in front of Chiringuito El Espeto with space for  500 vehicles.
  2. Next to Restaurante Natalio with room for 300 vehicles.
  3. Behind La Estrella where there are 80 parking spaces.
  4. The Restaurante Katena parking area with a capacity to fit 1,000 vehicles.

Note that half of the Katena parking is available from the 15th of June with the second half becoming available at the beginning of July.

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