Covid 19 on The Costa

ALM Mayor Announces Virus MeasuresWell, yesterday started with the announcement of the closure of the Almuñécar Medical Centre and ended with people checking out loaded trolleys in supermarkets.

The Mayor of Almuñécar appeared before the press and announced that all public buildings would be closed, such as museums, the bird park, the Aquarium, the Casa de La Cultura, the castle, as well as sports facilities, etc.

She also announced that all public events, such as the San José fiestas in La Herradura would be cancelled.

The problem with the five Almuñécar cases is that they are medical staff who have been in contact with hundreds of people everyday, so the possibility of many people being infected is very high. Over in Motril where two cases were reported, this was not the case.

The Mayor of Salobreña issued a press release announcing the closure of public buildings too, including the Tourist Information Office, as did the Mayor of Motril, so pretty much all along the coast public buildings and monuments are closed. This does not mean that the Town Hall themselves are closed to the public, of course.

By yesterday afternoon, the Almuñécar Medical Centre had been disinfected and reopened, but only the A&E department – during yesterday, emergencies in Almuñécar were handled by Hospital Santa Ana.

Yesterday evening, on the 21.00h news, it was announced that Andalucía was following the Central Government’s recommendation and had ordered the closure of all schools, universities and kindergartens starting Monday – in other words, today is the last day of school for the next two weeks, as the closure is for a fortnight.

The problem is that most households have both parents working so there is nobody at home to look after them. Under normal circumstances, the grandparents would be lumbered with the kids but as the elderly are the worse affected, that is out of the question.

SAL Panic Buying MercadonaLarge supermarkets in Motril, Salobreña and Almuñécar (not to mention any names but we all know which) have been packed solid with people panic buying and for some inexplicable reason, have emptied the coast of just about every available toilet roll. Seeing  as most Spanish bathrooms have a bidet, why should somebody feel the urge to buy huge quantities of toilet rolls?

Most of these panic buyers smile sheepishly when they reach the check-out but this self-acknowledgement that what they are doing is totally illogical does not prevent them from carrying the ‘operation’ out.

Finally, we have studiously ignored the Coronavirus hype that has been prevalent on just about every media platform but as it now affects the Costa Tropical, we shall endeavour to provide up-to-date information on developments.

We leave you with the new phone numbers for this health crisis.

900 400 061

If you have symptoms or have been with somebody who has the virus or if you have arrived from an area with a high-infection rate (Italy).

955 545 060

For any information needed on the Coronavirus.


For any other kind of emergency.

(News: Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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