Hotel Wants Compensation

ALM Hotel BahiaThe owners and shareholders of Hotel Bahía Tropical in Taramay, Almuñécar want compensation should the building be demolished.

The Regional High Court has given the Town Hall two years to carry out the demolition; two years during which the Mayor is racing to change the PGOU (Municipal Urban Development Plan) to recategorise that land on which it stands to make its existence in its present form legal.

The hotel owners have lodged an appeal before the Regional High Court asking for it to be recognised that the Town Hall gave them a building licence to build the hotel there and with its present dimension. Therefore, if the demolition goes ahead, then the Town Hall should pay them compensation.

They have also argued that if the hotel ‘disappears,’ some 80 local jobs will also disappear with it, which will be negative for Almuñécar employment figures.

They have even claimed that with the hotel gone, there could be a landslip behind it, causing damage to adjacent dwellings.

In short, they are reminding the judges that if the demolition goes ahead, the town’s economy will suffer, not to mention the municipal coffers, which will have to find 1.7m to pay for the demolition; i.e.,  job loses and damage to the local economy.

In the meantime, the Town Hall has also warned the judges the same; i.e., that damage to adjacent buildings might be the result of the demolition.

Editorial comment: Almuñécar has bent so many urban-development rules to favour the construction of hotels. However, the justice system in Spain might move at the speed of a snail with a zimmerframe, but in the end, a sentence is handed down catching the fingers of ‘compliant politicians’ and investors.

(News: Almunecar, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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